HKUST Became the First Hong Kong Team to Win in Sports Dance Category of Intelligent Robot Contest in Seoul

The Humanoid Team of the HKUST Robotics Team was crowned champion in the sports dance category of the Intelligent Robot Contest (IRC) 2019 held in Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), Seoul on 10-12 October. This is the first time for a Hong Kong team to win in this category, which attracted 12 teams from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong this year.

The HKUST team was made up of five engineering undergraduates who come from three disciplines, namely computer engineering, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. It is the second time that the HKUST Robotics Team students joined this competition, after the first time last year. This year, the five students participated in three categories – auto curling, auto sprinting and sports dance. Each of them utilized their knowledge and experience from their academics and the Robotics Team to contribute to the success.

In the competition, teams had to program two humanoid robots to perform a dance with a song in one to three minutes. Scoring criteria included stability, dancing skills, dancing to the rhythm and response from audiences. The HKUST students put substantial effort in designing dance moves and matching them with a suitable song. All teams demonstrated performance of a high standard and the HKUST team was recognized by judges and audiences for their robots’ high stability and strong rhythmic dance.

The achievement is a result of joint effort by team members. In preparation for the competition, they collaborated to overcome challenges and exchanged opinions to come up with the best solution. The competition also provided a valuable platform for them to widen their horizons in the field of humanoid robot.

IRC was organized by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea and Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, with teams from Japan, Korea, Canada, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong participating.


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This news was prepared with the help of HKUST Robotics Team member LEUNG Pok-Man (Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, Year 3 undergraduate).